March 25, 2020 - March 25, 2020

The Jefferson Hotel

101 W Franklin St
Richmond, VA 23220



Dear Friends,

We write to let you know that we have decided to postpone our March 25th conference in Richmond, VA.  Although we did not make this decision lightly, at this point in the development of the pandemic, it frankly was not even a close call.  Our primary concern must, of course, be with the health and safety of our members and guests.  Given the current spread rates and the potential exacerbation caused by air travel and group meetings, there is little to be gained and much to be lost were we to proceed with the conference.  Given the widespread availability of without-penalty air travel changes, we sincerely hope that no one will be forced to incur any additional costs due to this decision.

We are hoping to reschedule the conference in Richmond for March 2021 and will attempt to do so without penalty or loss of our guarantee to the hotel.  It is also possible that we may schedule the conference for early in December, which we have done previously in Richmond.  Either way, our excellent CLE and our opportunity to meet with our friends and clients in the Southeast will not be lost.  I want to thank Terri, Lindsey and the Richmond committee for their hard work and for keeping tabs on this emerging issue.

We will update as more becomes known.  In the meantime, please be careful out there.  We owe it not only to ourselves and our families, firms and companies but to our communities – both local and in the global village – to take all reasonable steps to contain the virus and mitigate its threats.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Using A Focus Group to Defend Your Case
(It’s Not Magic, but the Results May Surprise You!)

Eagle International Associates returns to Richmond on March 25, 2020 with a program “focused” on the use of focus group exercises to assist claim handlers, litigation managers and defense counsel in evaluating cases.  The program will begin with the presentation of the case by a courtroom consultant in which all attendees will participate interactively as “jurors”, brainstorming key issues and assessing liability and damages.  The program will then move into a group discussion of the use of focus group results in mediation, followed by a panel of insurance professionals discussing the excess liability/bad faith implications of the case.

The afternoon-long program will help all in attendance to gain “20/20” insight into the potential of this important litigation support tool.  Please bring your questions, comments and opinions as we always welcome a lively group discussion with our guests.

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