Eagle International Associates is an international network of independent law firms, adjusters and claims related service providers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Eagle members are dedicated to providing insurance companies and self-insureds with the highest quality legal and adjusting services for competitive and fair compensation. As members, we are committed to the highest ethical standards and act with professionalism and civility in all our endeavor. Eagle members exceed their clients’ expectations for quality and service. At every opportunity, we promote the use of Eagle and its members and refer existing relationships through active participation in Eagle’s meetings, programs and seminars.

While the concept of a network is not new, the Eagle network is unique for a number of reasons: Members are held together, not by contract, but by the common goal of service. Members offer the advantages and facilities of an international organization with the individual attention and the local knowledge that are generally expected from a small firm. Members do not incur referral fees, nor is there any additional cost to the client for utilizing any members of the network.

Eagle members strive to meet the needs of many clients who want the benefits of small to medium size firms, but need the extensive resources throughout the country and sometimes the world.

Eagle International Association, Inc. does not itself render any legal or adjusting services.

Members of Eagle are independently engaged in handling litigation and/or claims focusing on major areas such as Travel and Hospitality, Products Liability, Professional Liability, E&O and D&O, Environmental Liability, Toxic Tort, Premises Liability, Travel and Hospitality, Automobile and Truckers Liability, Medical Malpractice, Coverage Evaluations and General Liability.

Eagle International Associates, Inc. is of the strong belief that our organization is stronger, more valuable, and more effective through the inclusion of adjustors and attorneys of diverse gender, sexual orientation, racial, ethnic, cultural backgrounds, and all religious or non-religious affiliations.  Eagle recognizes that the inclusion of such diversity is vital in order to achieve excellence and to serve its clientele effectively.  Eagle is committed to a further understanding of its cultural filters and the absolute need to accept each person as a valued, talented, unique individual, which, when working with other Eagle members, will bring the organization and all its members genuine benefits and competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Chair (May 2019-21)

Mitchell A. Orpett, Illinois

Vice Chair (May 2019-21)

Alison M. Crane, California

Director of Operations

Terri Napolitani


Leland E. Backus, Nevada

Alison M. Crane, California

Stephen J. Fields, Missouri

Paul M. Finamore, Maryland

Pierre Humblet, Belgium

Chris Koning, California/Arizona/Nevada

Mitchell A. Orpett, Illinois

Daniel J. Ripper, Tennessee

Matthew L. Schrader, Ohio

Sean M. Sturdivan, Kansas/Missouri

John W. VanDenburgh, New York

Peter M. Waldeck, Minnesota/Wisconsin

Immediate Past Chair

John W. VanDenburgh, New York

Executive Director Emeritus

Frank L. Napolitani

Past Chairs

Jeffrey V. Hill, Oregon/Washington

Timothy W. Waldeck, Minnesota/Wisconsin

John E. Cuttino, South Carolina

David M. Macdonald, Texas

David D. Hudgins, Virginia/District of Columbia

David A. Abrams, New York/New Jersey

Peter A. Miller, Florida

John P. McKay, California

Alvin A. Rutledge, Michigan