Oxley Rich Sammons Law Firm

We are a corporate law firm with a local feel and a global impact. We focus our practice in the areas of Civil Litigation, Corporate Law and Estate Planning & Tax.

We provide a full suite of services to our clients. With a flexible billing model that focuses on relationships, not time, we seek to enable our clients to fulfill their personal and professional goals. We thrive on turning an initial consultation into a successful, long-term relationship.

At Oxley Rich Sammons Law Firm, our view of law is a bit different than some. To us, law is a particularly creative endeavor. Well beyond merely dotting i’s, crossing t’s and checking the appropriate boxes, we employ an innovative approach to the practice of law that is marked by case-specific preparation, explorative thinking and creative execution.

It starts with attracting attorneys that are as passionate about what they do as they are skilled and experienced doing it, each bringing their own distinct knowledge, perspective and outlook on law, yet sharing in our firm-wide commitment to innovative law.

And while we clearly demand a lot from ourselves as attorneys, we expect a lot of our clients, too. Because when you hire Oxley Rich Sammons Law Firm, you’re hiring a legal partner who will not only work for you, but alongside you. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to create an environment that promotes constant collaboration and communication between our attorneys and our clients. Because we know that it’s only by developing a relationship of absolute trust and honesty that we can all work together to achieve the best legal results.

It’s this innovative, collaborative and multi-dimensional approach to law that makes us unique. Add in our affordable and flexible pay structure and it’s easy to see why so many clients, both corporate and personal, count on Oxley Rich Sammons Law Firm for their legal needs.