Doss & Associates

Founded in 2001 Doss & Associates provides risk, claims management and third- party administration solutions to insurance companies and self-insured entities. Proper assessment of risk or damage and your premium retention are key components of our relationship.  We understand clearly that our timeliness, experience, education, courtesy, proper utilization of tools and level of commitment to supervision directly effect your regulatory compliance, underwriting profitability and claims expense.  With an average 23- years risk assessment & claims handling experience and 27- years material damage experience; you can be assured of a quality product.  Supervision is pro- active and consistent. Through our association with educational providers we are committed to ongoing education and training at all levels. Our educational experience is further enhanced through our on- going internal technical updates. We adapt to the use of various auto, risk & property assessment platforms to comply with your guidelines and we are flexible in our ability upload to various delivery systems and provide custom bordereau reports. Our web based secure management system can be tailored to allow for access by your company or can be linked direct to your system.